These below steps are carried out to avoid some of the issues of the 2016 Npower applications, 2017 applicants will have to go through the process listed below.

  • Application
  • BVN Validation
  • Test
  • Device Selection
  • Pre selection
  • Physical Verification
  • Selection
  • Deployment

Steps In Writing Your 2017 N-Power Assessment Test

Step 1: All applicants will Received an SMS to write the assessment test because your BVN records matches your application

Step 2: All applicants who received the SMS are to Proceed to the Npower Portal www.npower.gov.ng

Step 3: You are to click on the Test Menu to commence your test

Step 4: Your are to login with your phone umber and BVN




  • The Assessment Test Will Begin with N-Power Tax today and Another group of N-TAX applicants will receive Text Messages later today to write their assessment test tomorrow.
  • Only Applicants who applied for N-Power TAX will write their tests between today and Monday, July 3rd.
  • Only applicants whose BVN records match their applications will write the assessment test.
  • Only if your BVN Matches your application, then you will be contacted to write the Npower Assessment












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