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Ten lessons To Learn From The Parable of the kingdom Mathew 25:14-35

So many questions  has risen from this parable some accused  the Master of being partial….  Here  are 10 lessons to learn from this parable.

1. The master is the owner of the      kingdom, the owner of the servants and the owner of the talent .

2. The master knows everyone ability  and he distribute his talents  according  to ability .

3. You have to prove your ability in managing the little you have received  before more can be given to you ( the master knows if you cannot perform with the  little  you cannot as well perform with much)

4. It requires  effort to succed it also requires  effort to fail depending  on where you channel your energy (Matt 25 : 16- 18 the three servant were both engage in one activity or the other but the one wit’s one talent didn’t channel his effort wisely.

5. There must be a time to give      account…. There is a day of appraisal

6. Loyalty  always result to productivity and productivity gives favour  (Matt 25: 20-23)

7. Excuses is the Bi-product  of fear,             laziness and disloyalty  (Matt    25:24-25)

8.There is always an alternative   solution  to life challenges  (Matt  25:  27)

9. A productive  worker will always be.       rewarded.

10.  unproductive  servant will always           be fired ( Matt 25:30)


The Owner Of Life

Most people are depressed  and discouraged,to some their faith in God is gradually growing cold as a result of unrealised  expectations. From the beginning of the year some  set alot of gaols to achieve and had so much expectation but when they are unable to achieve those expectations there countenance  change,depression set in  which resulted to murmuring  against God.

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